Inoperable Hip

Spasm Support PillowInoperable Hip Support

PRA Medical’s Heel-A-Hip® 9 inch support pillow offers low-density, soft foam positioner that can comfort, protect, and stabilize the Lower extremities as well as facilitate turning for non-operative hip management. Heel-A-Hip® narrow stabilizes and prevents heel pressure for supine, lying patients.

Although surgery is typically the best method of treatment for hip fractures, some indications for the non-surgical options are:

  • Patients who present late with a fracture that has begun to heal or are moribund
  • Lack prospects for any functional recovery and inability to reach post op rehabilitation goals, including Alzheimer patients
  • Those who simply refuse surgery
  • Patients with an operative risk, many of whom have multiple comorbidities that may place them at elevated risk for postoperative complications

Nonsurgical Care Plan and Treatment Options for Hip Fractures

  • Activity modification
  • Non-weight bearing on the affected hip for six weeks or more
  • Electronic and Ultrasonic bone stimulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain medication
  • Heel-A-Hip® Narrow

Conservative versus operative treatment for hip fractures in adults

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