Heel-A-Hip is a unique version of the standard abductor pillow that can be used before hip surgery, after hip surgery, or in the event of inoperable hip surgery. Heel-A-Hip prevents heel and Achilles pressure while providing secure abduction.
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Delux Model
Delux DX28 – 3 inch leg support (in BLUE or GRAY)
12 inch abduction width
Delux Specifications


Standard Model
Standard ST25 – 2 1/2 inch leg support
12 inch abduction width
Standard Specifications

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Spasm Support Pillow
Narrow for spinal injury support
9 inch abduction width
Narrow Specifications

Specific for High Risk Heels and Geriatric Patients with Debility

Sacral Pressure ReliefHeel PressureTop Down View

Heel-A-Hip Features

  • Low density, breathable, soft foam promotes patient comfort
  • Adjustable for tall and short patients
  • Heel-A-Hip is 100% latex free and is hypoallergenic

Heel-A-Hip flyer front showing heel offloading with productHeel-A-Hip flyer back showing never events

Actual Patients

Patient's legs from left side in supine position
Patient's legs from right side in supine position
Patient's legs from inferior supine position