“We love HeelAHip® at our hospital. We have used the HeelAHip® since 2010 and reduced our pressure ulcer injury rates on patients heels with hip surgery to almost 0%. Nurses find it easy to place and reposition as needed”.

-Carolyn RN CWOCN

“I implemented HeelAHip® at our hospital due to identifying heel ulcers on some of the patients who had open reduction and internal fixation of the hip. They would have a wedge cushion between legs and the surgeons did not want us to elevate the heels. The HeelAHip® product allowed us to keep the hip in alignment and offload the heels. We were able to reduce the heel pressure ulcers significantly. The nurses were happy and the patients did not break down. I presented the product to a large group of orthopedic surgeons who agreed to put it in place.”

-Michele Wyllie RN BSN CWS, Mather Hospital

“I found HeelAHip® beneficial for my bed-bound disabled son with contractures. HeelAHip® helps to separate his knees and also protects his heels from pressure. Thankfully his physical rehabilitation therapist initiated this product. The company is very generous in donating to us.”

-John Dietch, father